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We're back again!

After two years of absence, we've decided to continue with our cattery. There will be some exciting things to look forward to in the weeks to come. Keep an eye on our website for the latest updates about the cattery.

New litters planned

Healthy bengals

Health is the most important thing when breeding. We only breed with healthy cats which are regularly tested for possible abnormalities, infections and genetic defects.

Friendly cats

The character of kittens depends on that of their parents. This is some- thing we really take into account when we are purchasing a new cat for breeding.

Social kittens

Our kittens grow up in our livingroom where they get lots of attention from us and our other cats. Here they will already learn to get used to everyday activities like vacuumcleaning.

Beautiful bengals

We breed bengals with large dark outlined rosettes on a light base coat and a nice profile. While breeding brown rosetted, it´s possible that we will sometimes have Snow or Marble kittens.